Making Come Follow Me available at a reasonable price worldwide in many languages is a huge task. We are grateful for all our partners who are involved with Translation, Printing and Distribution, in many parts of the world. To make it as easy as possible for you to obtain Come Follow Me, we have listed below the main countries where distributors are based, and which languages they stock.

Prices vary according to location, shipping costs and language, so you might need to check several distributors to decide the best one for your location.

Can ship to:           
Languages available
Worldwide Come Follow Me Online Shop Worldwide

English study & advisor's, Azeri, Dari, Bengali
Central Asian Russian 

Australia Interserve Australia Australia English study & advisor's guide
Canada Afghan Media Centre North America Dari, English
Germany Orientierung M Europe Dari, Arabic, Farsi, German
Germany Forum Wiedenest Europe German
Netherlands Afghan Media Centre Europe Dari, English
Netherlands Eas-lectuur Europe Dari, Arabic
Switzerland Meos Medien Switzerland German, Arabic, Dari, Farsi
UK Elam Ministries Worldwide Farsi (both)
UK Kitab UK English study & advisor's, Dari, Arabic, Farsi
UK Come Follow Me Online shop Worldwide To change the currency click on the lulu button
Middle East Contact us Middle East Arabic
Norway Proklamedia Norway Norwegian, Farsi, English, Arabic