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You should read the Advisor's Guide when using this course. You can download it or order it as a book.


Study Book: Click here to buy the Second International Edition (2017) of Come Follow Me, or order from Kitab who also have a discounted "course bundle" available.

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Study Book: Is now available from our online shop, publishers Orientierung:M in Germany, or Kitab (UK). For orders to the Middle East, please Contact us.

Advisor's Guide: is available to download from our Advisor Guide page.


Study Book: Order worldwide through our online shop. Also from Afghan Media Centre (Netherlands or Canada), publishers Orientierung:M (Germany) or Kitab (UK). The Advisor's Guide is not available in Dari, however Dari speakers may be able to use the Farsi Advisor's Guide. Please note that lesson 3 of the current Dari Edition varies from other languages, see Lesson 3 - English according to Dari for variations, the current version is under revision and should be updated later in 2018.

Audio version: An Audio version of Come Follow Me in Dari, covering the same topics in a radio show format it can be obtained here. This is a good addition to the course book for those with low literacy levels. Please read the Guidelines for using Dari Audio version.


Study Book: Now published and available to order from Elam ministries.

Advisor's Guide:  Is available to download from here, or order as a book from our online shop and Elam ministries.


Study Book: Order from Forum Wiedenest or Orientierung:M. The Second edition is now available.

Advisor's Guide: Download it for free here (scroll down to 'Das Leiterhandbuch') or order it as a printed book from our online shop.

Russian for Central Asia

Study Book: Now available to purchase worldwide via our online shop.

Advisor's Guide: Download it for free here with permission to print and copy or buy it as a book.


Study Book: Bengali is now available to order worldwide through our online shop. The translation is based on the 2010 English edition and has some differences. Click to download an advisor guide which is based on that 2010 version- this advisor guide is not suitable to be used with any other language.


Languages in Translation

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Sub-Saharan Africa English Edition


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Kurdish Sorani


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