Come Follow Me is a relational discipleship course for Christ’s followers of Muslim background.   The course was originally written by Tim Green for a particular context in a conservative Muslim country but is now being used in many contexts and languages.

It aims to help these believers to:

  • Put down deep roots in Christ
  • Grow deeper with each other and with their mentor
  • Be transformed in their thinking and lifestyle, as God’s Word interacts with their old worldview
  • Learn inductive study by going all the way through one book of the Bible
  • Grapple with practical issues of following Christ in a Muslim setting
  • Relate wisely to their Muslim families, with appropriate witness.

It works best with a weekly discussion group, like this:

weekly group discussion

Each week the learners:

  • firstly, learn from the course book themselves through personal home study
  • secondly, interact with others in discussion
  • thirdly, put the teaching into practice in the context of their daily lives.

Read more about the course design, the course method and the course content.  

Christ’s followers of Muslim background give their comments.

Obtain the Study Book and Advisor's Guide in English and other languages. 


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Come Follow Me is a project of Word of Life, UK registered charity number 328492