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The guiding principles were agreed by the Watan consultation, that courses should be:

  • relevant to the local context
  • rooted in the Bible
  • rounded with integrated growth in knowledge, character and abilities
  • relational with other believers, either 1:1 or in a group
  • responsive using active learning, not one-way information
  • regular with scheduled meetings and practical assignments
  • reproducible, so that the learners can go on and equip others in turn

Read about these seven principles in more detail.

The specific design of Come Follow Me uses the TEE method which has been tried and tested over many years. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Christians worldwide take part in TEE learning groups like this:

weekly group discussion

For several reasons, TEE groups are suitable for new believers in Muslim contexts:

  • the TEE method combines Biblical study with shared reflection and practical application
  • the teaching is in the course book so the facilitator need not be a Bible expert
  • members stay embedded in daily life; they do not leave their jobs or go away to Bible college  
  • TEE groups meet in peoples’ homes so they attract less hostile attention than a visible building
  • the cost is very low so groups can multiply in a sustainable way 

The digital version of the course, on the GrowSpace app, works in the same way. A believer is given access by their advisor, and they complete the lessons by typing into the pages before meeting together face to face (or on a video call) to complete the discussion. Find out more here

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Come Follow Me is a project of Word of Life, UK registered charity number 328492